In 2003 Allison left the EMS & law enforcement field and attended Southeastern School of Neuro-muscular and Massage Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina.  After graduating, she practiced in a physical therapy office and also a local fitness and wellness center before starting her own practice in 2007.  She has trained with Lone Sorensen in Facial Reflexology receiving her completion diploma from Sorensensis tm, Barcelona, Spain in November of 2009.
In 2018 Allison established Alleviate Massage Therapy & Wellness and moved her practice to Rockwell, NC, providing her clients with a new location with a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere.
Her business continues to thrive as she broadens her knowledge through continuing education allowing her to introduce new approaches and unique techniques through her vast knowledge in complimentary health modalities. 

Allison Hamrick, LMBT 04474, Owner

Holly Lyons, LMBT 17640

Holly has a background in the medical field for over 20 years. After serving in the ARMY she received her massage therapy and esthetician license at Florida Academy of Massage and Skincare in 2010. She relocated to North Carolina from Florida in 2015 and to Rockwell in 2020.  Holly's desire to assist clients with chronic pain due to injury and disease has led her to pursue additional certifications, licensure, and continued education classes. Along with her massage and skincare license she is a CNA and EMT.
She is trained in various modalities with emphasis on chronic pain due to injury or disease which include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Massage for Injury, Sports Massage, Active and Passive Stretching, Hot Stone, Pregnancy and more. Holly's is becoming certified as a Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist and Medical Exercise Specialist through METI, where she is learning safe and effective conditioning programs for clients with cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological, and metabolic disorders after discharge from care. Her desire is to “Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare & Fitness” by working with medical management teams (chiropractors, physical therapists, physician assistants and doctors) to help manage chronic pain from fibromyalgia to arthritis as well as other conditions.
Holly's goal is to continue massage therapy services while incorporating her clinical knowledge from METI to assist clients with the best possible outcome providing an all-around approach with treatment for optimum health.